from small non-profits to large corporations, design strategy is applicable to any project, at any scale and any point.


At Gensler I help clients define the correct parameters to design the workplace that works best for their workforce, with the right balance of individual, collaboration and community spaces.
On a normal day, I might be analyzing workplace observation data to understand employee's patterns and behaviors or interview internal teams and leaders to understand the business unit needs.


A cohesive experience across all facets of an organization is key to creating a successful brand and workplace.
At Gensler I work with clients to help craft the ultimate experience across their space and various platforms for both internal employees and external visitors.

Master Planning

A well planned campus/facility results in smooth and efficient daily operations, both for employees and visitors.
At Gensler, I help large private, public, and government organizations with facility master plans, campus planning and real estate strategy to ensure facilities respond to the specific needs of clients.

Future Visioning

Future vision plans are an important part of every organization, regardless of their size.
I have engaged with organizations (and cities alike) to identify, shape and present the future vision to main stakeholders, whether that's the C-Suite or the larger public.